FOMIH Media Release - 12th May 2003

Manchester speculation growing

Speculation regarding the name of a new ice hockey team, its shirt colours and prospective head coach continues to grow as FOMIH plans to return the sport to the city continue to gather momentum.

Via the poll at fans have nominated their chosen name for a new club. Spokesman Richard Allan commented, "the poll has been very successful and the fans have certainly come up with some interesting suggestions. The poll will be used to determine the name for the club and it is fair to say that one suggestion is some way out."

Greater speculation surrounds the naming of a head coach. Spokesman Andy Costigan noted, "It's very encouraging that six high-calibre people have contacted us regarding the coaching position and that without any advertising. The bush telegraph in hockey has been beaten and the calibre of the applicants is a true indication that Manchester is seen as a huge opportunity within hockey. The final decision will not be taken lightly or too quickly, as this appointment is key to the future success of the club. We will also respect the applicants anonymity by not revealing identities except for the successful applicant."

Last Saturday, large numbers of hockey fans attended a FOMIH Gala Night with Manchester hockey hero Mike Morin making a guest appearance. Morin enthused, "it's great to see so many hockey fans committed to this new venture given the lack of hockey in the city since November last year. I wish FOMIH every success in forming a new team - Manchester deserves a top hockey team and these fans are absolutely tremendous."

FOMIH Chairman Neil Morris added, "We've come a long way down the track towards building a new club for Manchester. We have some t's to cross and i's to dot on a number of matters and hope very soon to make the announcements that the fans are desperate to hear."

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