FOMIH Media Release - 14th April 2003

Investment plans closing in on targets

Efforts by the Friends Of Manchester Ice Hockey to bring elite level hockey back to Manchester are on target.

Commenting late Friday afternoon (April 11th), FOMIH Chairman Neil Morris said, "Our seeking of financial investment is going extremely well. The fans have committed in large numbers to the various options of membership schemes outlined back in March and after a cautious start, parties from the commercial sector of the community are now showing increasing interest in the project."

At the March 12th Public Meeting, Neil Morris outlined plans, which include a variety of fan membership schemes and investment packages for commercial partners. Initially, FOMIH set tight deadlines for successful realisation of those plans, but those dates were extended in order to maximise the effort across a wide spectrum of declared interest from fans and potential investors.

Neil Morris added, "We have secured significant commercial investment from two parties and the investment figure for the FOMIH membership is just a gnats elbow away from achieving its target. Together with Andy Costigan, I was invited to and have represented the interest of elite level hockey in Manchester at all the meetings of the new Elite Ice Hockey League and our judgement right from the start has been that this new league offers a tremendous opportunity to return this great sport to Manchester, not for the short term but with a strong and sustainable future."

Andy Costigan noted, "Our short-term focus remains further procurement of investment ahead of announcing a team name and appointing a head coach. The team name will provide a massive marketing and merchandising opportunity while the head coach will be tasked with constructing a team worthy of a city like Manchester and its fans."

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