Our Plan

At a meeting of the FOMIH steering group held on Wednesday November 20th, the following issues and ideas were discussed and agreed:

The key objectives for FOMIH are:

To work towards Manchester having a new team playing elite level ice hockey for the start of the 2003/04 domestic season.

In addition, as a long term aim, FOMIH will look to support the development of a facility, capable of housing, developing and sustaining ice sports for community, recreational, amateur and professional use.


In order to achieve these objectives the steering group recognises that, as with any successful business, there needs to be an investigative period in order to develop an outline strategy. Over the next few weeks, the steering group will be developing an outline strategic plan which will look at all of the various aspects that affect our ability to achieve the stated goals. All areas will be considered including Marketing, IT, Communication, Finance, Social, Fund Raising, Sponsorship, Organisation, Legal, Community Development etc.

From the outline plan the intention is to set up working groups for each area by inviting people with relevant expertise to form part of these working groups. These professional people with the appropriate expertise will develop and direct the detailed strategy, with the Steering Committee being responsible for the co-ordination of direction and effort across the working groups in order to achieve the overall goals.

Once the detailed strategy has been devised, FOMIH would like to get all of the volunteers who have offered their assistance involved with the delivery of the detailed strategy for each of the working groups.

The process:

Develop outline strategy.
Define working group requirements (expertise, roles, responsibility etc).
Invite individuals to put themselves forward to form part of a) the Steering Committee and/or b) a relevant working group (must have appropriate expertise).
Each applicant will be asked to complete a short resume on themselves (relevant expertise etc), which will be used by the public as part of the voting process to decide on the most suitable candidate for each role. A public meeting will then be held where the current Steering Group can present their outline plan and the appropriate people can be voted in. The detailed plans in each area can then be developed and implemented

At this moment in time, FOMIH are actively contacting each and every pledgee to get feedback on the pledges and donations which have already been raised. If you haven't been contacted yet, you will be! As you can probably appreciate, we have a lot of pledgees to get through. We are also working on an online membership system for hockey fans to join FOMIH - we will be sending e-mails and e-zines to members to keep everyone informed of the latest developments, news and events. This online membership system will go live tomorrow morning (Fri 22nd) at 8.00am.

If you are interested in offering your expertise to FOMIH on whatever level, please send an e-mail with your details and specialist areas to FOMIH via the following address: volunteers@fomih.co.uk

To further show a willingness to support ice hockey, FOMIH have thrown their weight behind a campaign for a massive show of support for the Altrincham Aces this coming Sunday when they take on the Whitley Bay Warriors at Devonshire Road, Altrincham.

FOMIH have agreed a ticket deal with the Altrincham Ice Rink owners and therefore are asking all hockey fans in the area to attend this game on Sunday (Face-Off at 5.30pm), register with the FOMIH and enter into a draw for 4 tickets to a future Aces home game.

FOMIH are committed to working towards a long-term future for the game of ice hockey in Manchester and a massive show of support at Altrincham on Sunday will demonstrate that the game has a future, and will further galvanize the forward thinking momentum currently generated.

Further details of FOMIH can be found on our website at www.fomih.co.uk, and via our telephone Hotline on 09068 888660 (calls charges at 60p per minute).

The Friends Of Manchester Ice Hockey Steering Group

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