IHPA Press Release

Storm fans a swell bunch

The IHPA would on behalf of all its members contracted to the Manchester Storm this season like to thank all those supporters and friends of both the Friends Of Manchester Ice Hockey (FOMIH) & Manchester Storm Supporters Club (MSSC) for the donations so far made to the IHPA fund from which those players and other personnel will receive some payment toward the outstanding salaries owed.

IHPA (GB) Executive Director Jo Collins said, "Once again the fans who have by their generosity demonstrated that they are the lifeblood of this sport. They fully deserve to have a team in Manchester next season and have shown that by the efforts made to compensate the players for the mistakes by others who ignored the fundamentals of running an ice hockey team. The amount raised by the two organisations currently stands at £5300 which to some may not seem an awful lot but it is significant in its gesture and puts to shame some owners who in the past have simply walked away from their responsibilities and the sport. It is the intention of the IHPA to keep the account open for any further donations until the 1 June 2003 at which point the money held will be evenly distributed to those owed".

"I am sure I speak for all the players and the coach Daryl Lipsey and their families in simply saying thank you to all concerned".

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